BP Azerbaijan awards Vissim contract for development and maintenance of Marine Asset Protection System

Vissim has been awarded a long-term framework contract for the software maintenance, support, and development of BP’s Marine Asset Protection System (MAPS).  MAPS uses Vissim software to provide real time radar and AIS monitoring as well as VHF voice communication and logistics support to all of BP’s offshore operations and assets in Azerbaijan. This includes BP’s supply vessel fleet. MAPS Operations are monitored from an onshore control room in Baku as well from offshore platforms allowing BP operational flexibility as well system redundancy. The contract award builds on the successful delivery of MAPS which Vissim was awarded in 2013.


Vissim is extremely pleased to provide continued support to MAPS , says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim. MAPS highlights the business case for digitization of remote real time data in order to optimize offshore operations and reduce costs to oil and gas operators. By further leveraging the products Vissim is currently developing we believe further operational efficiencies can be realized by BP. We look forward to managing both system support as well as any growth or development needs BP may require during the contract.

Equinor and Vissim agree strategic collaboration for the digitalization of marine operations

Equinor and Vissim have reached a global frame agreement to deploy Vissim’s solution for surveillance of the ocean space surrounding all Equinor- and several 3rd party operated assets on the UK- and Norwegian Continental Shelves. The new system, which will act as one of Equinor’s systems for their strategic move towards digitalization, will incorporate the benefits of machine learning and enable surveillance of vessel traffic (VTMS), air traffic, subsea structures, environment and real time weather situation and forecasts. Conceived to incorporate both traditional- and offshore wind assets, the resulting system is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The contract is for 6 years and has a minimum value of 100 MNOK.

Vissim has been pioneering the digitalization of vessel traffic surveillance since 1996. The system has grown organically and today comprises of more than 100 offshore radars, AIS and VHF sensors/base stations powered by an advanced data platform, operation is coordinated between the central control center and more than 50 distributed offshore energy assets.

Today Equinor run one of the world’s largest privately-owned sea surveillance systems. The new system will cover a distance from satellites to more than 1000 meters below the sea surface, across the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and the British sector of the North Sea, says Philippe F. Mathieu, SVP of Joint Operations Support in Equinor.

The contracted solution is designed for big data analytics and is able to analyze traffic situations in real time. It is designed for the purpose of collaboration cross- system, cross- discipline and where data easily can be shared with other systems onshore, offshore or onboard vessels.

When delivered, the Equinor system will give operators an almost complete overview of the ocean space. Vessel- and helicopter movements integrated with weather forecast, oil spill surveillance and integrated radio communication will enable Equinor to provide surveillance services and maximize marine operational performance and logistics.

– We are very pleased that Equinor has chosen to continue its long standing cooperation with Vissim and we are looking forward to being part of Equinor’s future developments. This contract award underlines the value of using remote real time data, from radar and other sources combined, onshore in order to save significant operational cost, says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim.

Successful FAT for Vissim’s ATEX radar and ATEX VSAT

Due to its minimal weight and volume, Vissim’s ATEX radar and ATEX VSAT products was chosen for Equinor’s Njord field in the North Sea. The system integration project successfully passed FAT conducted at Vissim’s premises in Slovakia.

Vissim’s ATEX solutions uses standard components for radar and VSAT which are installed in a pressurized domes, thus providing an explosion safe environment around the equipment. The VSAT dome was Vissim’s first VSAT delivery and compliments Vissim’s existing range of dome products for solid state and magnetron radars of various antenna sizes.

Vissim aligns with XCECO operational needs

Vissim, provider of marine coordination and communication systems to 25 offshore windfarms, is continuing its push into the digitalisation of marine operations with the roll-out of Offshore Energy Manager.

Bailey Bradley, Operations Director at Lynn and Inner Dowsing, shared his thoughts.

„We’ve been using Vissim’s reliable and dependable people tracking, communication and surveillance systems at LID for seven years. Offshore Energy Manager (OSEM) takes us forward in a huge, but well managed leap, setting us up well for our ongoing and future operational needs – so much so that we’ve committed to a long, multiyear contract, with the clear intention to continue our excellent relationship, hopefully for the life of the asset.“

The tangible benefits of Offshore Energy Manager are already making themselves apparent. According to Bradley
„With OSEM we have been able to streamline the induction process, monitoring, reporting and planning of some offshore operations – sharing the software platform with our contractors, but retaining the required level of control.”

Nick Dent, Managing Director of Vissim’s Offshore Wind business commented
„XCECO have embraced the collaborative capabilities of OSEM. It’s great to see clients who have helped us to shape new system functionality benefit from their input. We’re determined to continue to innovate, to listen, and to realise the opportunities of digitalisation in the field of offshore energy marine operations.“

Vissim awarded vessel traffic & oil spill detection system contract on Maersk Inspirer

Vissim AS has been awarded a contract to deliver its latest generation Vessel Traffic Management System to Aker Solutions for the Maersk Inspirer rig. The system integration contract includes Vissim’s Oil Spill Detection, using the smart radar concept, and integrated CCTV Module. The light weight ATEX radar dome enables a cost efficient radar solution in EX zone 1.

The integration of radar, voice communications, and vessel tracking sensors provides rig operators a seamless anti-collision, safety, and communication system. Vissim’s Oil Spill Detection module will further supplement operators environmental and situational awareness around the rig. Vissim’s proprietary software will leverage a combination of radar video and thermal camera imagery to allow operators to detect, track, and monitor any potential oil spills or leakage. Thermal cameras can similarly track vessels or targets whose position is provided by other sensor feeds. All of Vissim systems are designed to exceed relevant Norwegian and International standards for offshore oil and gas operations.

Vissim awarded contract for a sea surveillance system to be installed on the Johan Castberg FPSO

Equinor has awarded Vissim AS a contract for a sea surveillance system to be installed on the Johan Castberg FPSO.

The contract includes ATEX certified radar domes and software for sea surveillance and radio communications around the FPSO.

‘’This contract reflects Vissim’s strong market position on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) as well as the good collaboration Vissim has had with Equinor in previous projects in the North Sea. We look forward to leveraging our experience and expertise in delivering the Johan Castberg project’’ says CEO of Vissim, Per Arne Henæs.

Vissim will deliver and integrate Radar, AIS, and VHF systems which will further be integrated into Equinor’s marine surveillance center in Bergen. This center provides similar surveillance for all Equinor assets on the NCS.

The project will be delivered from Vissim’s offices in Norway and Slovakia in 2018.

Regional route sharing made possible in the Baltic Sea

Regional route Sharing made possible in Baltic Sea using Vissim System and EfficienSea2 Project

Maritime digitalization carried out in the European project EfficienSea2 has enabled effective route sharing between different VTS systems in the Baltic Sea. It has the potential to drastically cut the reporting effort for the ship’s crew, while offering authorities a better ability to ensure safe traffic at sea.

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Vissim becomes partner of the STM Validation Project

Vissim has today become an Associated Partner in the STM Validation Project. Vissim acknowledges the STM project as a natural extension of the EfficienSea2 project, where Vissim has delivered a successful pilot for enabling of effective route sharing between different VTS systems in the Baltic. This pilot has proved the technology which potentially can drastically cut reporting for the ship’s crew, while offering authorities better ability of ensuring safe traffic at sea.

Vissim recognizes the STM project as an important research arena for the continued development of the Vissim solutions and looks forward to new challenges.

More about STM project: http://stmvalidation.eu/about-stm

Vissim secures new Egyptian contract with the Suez Canal Authority

Vissim has been awarded a contract for an AIS-based system by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA). The turnkey project involves an enablement and training package for local personnel. The canal is approximately 100km long and has between 60 and 90 ships passing through it per day, making it a major traffic hotspot. The system will be operational within six months and is valued at approximately $500,000 excluding add-ons.

– This has been a great win for the company, adding to our existing projects in Egypt and it shows the continued success of our Middle East operations. I believe SCA has chosen the most proven and reliable system for managing such situations, stated Per Arne Henæs (Vissim’s CEO).

The system uses Vissim’s standard proprietary Vessel Traffic Management System technologies for offshore operations and asset protection.

Vissim completes the first milestone for the maritime domain surveillance project in Thailand

The Marine Department of Thailand in Q1 2017 awarded a contract for the installation of a maritime domain surveillance system covering the upper Gulf of Thailand. The total project value is in the region of 77 million NOK (310 million THB).

Vissim has completed the integration of the Vessel Traffic Management System with the existing phase one infrastructure using project management personnel based at Vissim’s headquarter in Horten, Norway. Achievement of this milestone is part of the second phase, for the installation of a maritime domain surveillance system for five sites and a control centre.

– Much credit is due to the professionalism and responsiveness of the personnel at Marine Department of Thailand. This coupled with Vissim’s customer-centric attitude and over 30 years of experience in the field delivering more than 220 projects globally, allows us to achieve such milestones within budget and on time while maintaining our number one objective, which is to ensure customer satisfaction, says Håvard Odden VP of sales and marketing of Vissim.