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World’s first Commercial “Collision Avoidance System”

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World’s first Digital Coastline Generator for Ship’s Bridge Simulation

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World’s Largest Sea Surveillance System

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World’s First operational, Internet-based, Port Information System

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World’s First operational, PC-based ARPA

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Coastal VHF

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Personnel tracking

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Oil spill detection

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Wave Height Detection

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Vissim Today

Vissim’s technologies lie behind some of the world’s largest and most complex vessel traffic management and surveillance systems. Vissim is a highly innovative information technology company and, for more than thirty years, we have provided essential capabilities to our customers to enable them to protect their offshore energy assets and maritime borders against threats at sea and to enhance the efficiency of their offshore and maritime operations.

Vissim delivers turnkey solutions and services for real-time data consolidation and presentation for decsion support. Vissim’s applied science aggregates data from a large number of new or existing sensors, such as radar, AIS, VHF, MET, air quality and CCTV, along with external databases including Lloyds and FairPlay. Information is validated and processed to produce a complete maritime picture via an advanced traffic display and other communication tools, adapted to local circumstances.

A further benefit of Vissim’s solutions is that they are designed to fit existing sensor infrastructures, thus offering significant financial and practical advantages to our customers. Vissim is independent of any hardware and sensor supplier, and this unique attribute allows Vissim to provide our customers with candid and objective points of view.

We are an industrial member of IALA, participating on the VTS and eNav committees.

Press centre


Horten, May 2019

The General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SC Zone) has selected Vissim AS of Norway to supply, install and commission a new Vessel Traffic Management System, a separate Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Vissim’s Port Management application for the Egyptian Port of Sokhna. The SC Zone is a world-class free zone and trade hub along the banks of the newly-expanded Suez Canal. It is strategically located on the main trade route between Europe and Asia where more than eight percent of global trade passes through, every year. The Port of Sokhna is increasing in capacity and the new Vessel Traffic- and Port Management will be a strategically important part of its day to day operations helping ensure navigational safety and port efficiency at all times.

Per Arne Henaes (CEO of Vissim AS) who met with the Chairman of the SC Zone for the contract signing on 4th March 2019 said “Vissim is extremely pleased to have been awarded this contract by the SC Zone and we look forward to working closely with the Port of Sokhna to successfully deliver this important system. Vissim has successfully supplied other VTMS and AIS systems in Egypt and we look forward to continuing the excellent partnerships that we have established in the country.”

Vice Admiral \ Mohab Mameesh, the Chairman of the SC Zone said “We are pleased to award this contract to Vissim AS of Norway as their offer met all of our requirements and offered the best value. We also believe that the experience of the company in Egypt will ensure that we have a successful delivery programme.”

Vissim AS is a Norwegian company with offices in Norway, Slovakia and Russia. It is a successful supplier of integrated Vessel Traffic Management Systems having delivered systems to customers in more than 25 countries.

The General Authority for the Suez Canal Economic Zone is the governmental body established for the management of the Suez Canal Economic Zone as well as six ports including the Port of Sokhna.

Vissim wins Port of Sokhna VTS for Suez Canal Authority
Horten, December 2018

Equinor and Vissim have reached a global frame agreement to deploy Vissim’s solution for surveillance of the ocean space surrounding all Equinor- and several 3rd party operated assets on the UK- and Norwegian Continental Shelves. The new system, which will act as one of Equinor’s systems for their strategic move towards digitalization, will incorporate the benefits of machine learning and enable surveillance of vessel traffic (VTMS), air traffic, subsea structures, environment and real time weather situation and forecasts. Conceived to incorporate both traditional- and offshore wind assets, the resulting system is one of the largest of its kind in the world. The contract is for 6 years and has a minimum value of 100 MNOK.

Vissim has been pioneering the digitalization of vessel traffic surveillance since 1996. The system has grown organically and today comprises of more than 100 offshore radars, AIS and VHF sensors/base stations powered by an advanced data platform, operation is coordinated between the central control center and more than 50 distributed offshore energy assets.

Today Equinor run one of the world’s largest privately-owned sea surveillance systems. The new system will cover a distance from satellites to more than 1000 meters below the sea surface, across the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and the British sector of the North Sea, says Philippe F. Mathieu, SVP of Joint Operations Support in Equinor.

The contracted solution is designed for big data analytics and is able to analyze traffic situations in real time. It is designed for the purpose of collaboration cross- system, cross- discipline and where data easily can be shared with other systems onshore, offshore or onboard vessels.

When delivered, the Equinor system will give operators an almost complete overview of the ocean space. Vessel- and helicopter movements integrated with weather forecast, oil spill surveillance and integrated radio communication will enable Equinor to provide surveillance services and maximize marine operational performance and logistics.

– We are very pleased that Equinor has chosen to continue its long standing cooperation with Vissim and we are looking forward to being part of Equinor’s future developments. This contract award underlines the value of using remote real time data, from radar and other sources combined, onshore in order to save significant operational cost, says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim.

Equinor and Vissim agree strategic collaboration for the digitalization of marine operations
Horten, October 2018

Due to its minimal weight and volume, Vissim’s ATEX radar and ATEX VSAT products was chosen for Equinor’s Njord field in the North Sea. The system integration project successfully passed FAT conducted at Vissim’s premises in Slovakia.

Vissim’s ATEX solutions uses standard components for radar and VSAT which are installed in a pressurized domes, thus providing an explosion safe environment around the equipment. The VSAT dome was Vissim’s first VSAT delivery and compliments Vissim’s existing range of dome products for solid state and magnetron radars of various antenna sizes.

Successful FAT for Vissim’s ATEX radar and ATEX VSAT

Recent news

Horten, September 2019
National Maritime Safety Authority and Asian Development Bank Award Vissim National AIS Network Project in Papua New Guinea

Vissim AS and partner M-NAV Solutions has been awarded the contract ‘Automatic Identification System (AIS) Coastal Network Extension and Base Station Installation’ which will expand Papua New Guinea’s existing AIS network and significantly enhance coverage. The contract is being implemented by the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) of Papua New Guinea, under the Maritime and Waterways Safety Project, which is funded by the Asian Development Bank.


– I’m very enthusiastic about the fact that Vissim’s solution has been chosen by NMSA and Asian Development Bank for this project, and I’m looking forward to getting started to deliver the project together with M-NAV solutions, says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim.


Vissim’s AIS solution was chosen due to its innovative design suitable for very remote sites. When the system is installed and delivered in 2020, it will enhance maritime safety and security in Papua New Guinea.

Horten, August 2019
Rignet awards Vissim vessel traffic system for Azeri Central East platform in Azerbaijan

Vissim AS has been awarded a contract to deliver its latest generation Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) to RigNet on behalf of BP. The system will be deployed at BP’s Azeri Central East platform in Azerbaijan. The project includes Vissim’s low profile ATEX radar dome allowing the radar sensors to be deployed in an EX Zone 1 area on board the platform.


The system will integrate radar, voice communications, and vessel tracking sensors in order to provide BP with a seamless anti-collision, safety, and communication system. The system will be integrated into BP’s existing Marine Asset Protection System (MAPS) which Vissim has previously delivered to BP. MAPS provides surveillance and communications to all of BP’s offshore operations in Azerbaijan and will be monitored from BP’s remote onshore control room in Baku. Local offshore traffic displays will provide further redundancy for BP’s operators.


– We are pleased that RigNet has chosen to partner with Vissim and leverage our experience and expertise in delivering our systems to BP in Azerbaijan. RigNet’s reputation in oil and gas is impressive and we look forward to delivering ACE with them as well as exploring other possible synergies between Vissim and RigNet. This contract underlines the value of Vissim’s robust software offering as well as the growing demand we have for our ATEX dome products, says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim.


This contract builds on the recent successes Vissim has had in Azerbaijan including the delivery of a vessel traffic system to Shah Deniz Bravo as well as Vissim’s contract for long-term software support for BP MAPS.

Horten, June 2019
Vissim entering partnership with M-NAV Solutions

Vissim is proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership with M-NAV Solutions covering the Philippines and entire Oceania region including Australia and New Zealand. M-NAV Solutions is a company specializing in providing products, services and solutions for the maritime domain – from marine Aids to Navigation to VTS and coastal surveillance. M-NAV Solutions is based out of the Philippines but operates globally, with extensive remote area experience throughout Asia Pacific.

Vissim will be working closely with M-NAV Solutions to provide turnkey, customized solutions within the VTS and vessel traffic management sphere in the Philippines and Oceania region.

Pictured is Adrian van Boven and Adam Hay (Directors) from M-NAV Solutions with Havard Odden (Vice President – Sales & Marketing) from Vissim AS in Manila for a project review meeting.

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