Keeping track on personnel certificates and vessel vettings are challenging tasks, especially in situations where these are working cross companies, cross industries.

Vissim Compliance Module is a web-based platform that streamlines the management of personnel and vessel certification. Compliance Module provides real-time assurance of cerificate validity in the context of live operations.

The Vissim system supports manual transfers, RFID card swipes and short-range radio beacon tracking technologies.

Alerts appear on the main traffic display should lapsed or insufficiently certificated personnel attempt to access assets, vessels or helicopters.

The marine coordination function can centrally manage approval with different levels of input from individual users and contracting companies.

This enables much of the traditional administrative workload of marine coordination to be easily distributed.

Duplication is minimised, whilst all the time maintaining data control and security.

All individuals intending to work on an offshore construction project have the option to create their own profiles.

With secure role-based management contractors can now centralise this function for their own staff.

After signing up online and completing a personal profile, users upload additional information if necessary.

When project-defined approvals are in place, the system can issue project RFID cards.

Expiry alerts reduce the incidence of last-minute crew changes and compliance issues.

Administrators can also create new profiles, update existing profiles and certificates, and generate powerful management reports.


Logisitcs cost related to offshore personnel transfer is significant in every offshore operation and equally an extremely complex task to optimize.

Vissim Logistics Module supports the planning of manifests and real time personnel transfer operations of the entire lifecycle of offshore installation and operation.

Using role-based access to vessel, helicopter and personnel data from Compliance Module, project marine coordinators and contractor‘s planners can build and share manifests. Certifications and permissions are validated at this planning stage, resource conflicts flagged, and spare seats easily identified to improve marine operational efficiency. The marine coordination function retains final approval of all plans.

Personnel can be allocated to teams, and the assets they are visiting recorded (mirroring the inventory of assets from the live operational overview). Permit infromation can be entered, and individuals and teams associated with Work Order IDs.

In response to changes in circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions or even emergencies, it is essential that priorities can be changed. Logistics Module provides the solution with simple and efficient tools to create, issue and communicate new plans, quickly.

As an integrated part of Vissim Offshore Energy Suite, the module records live location and time data which, married to personnel and Work Order Ids, provides incredibly powerful management information about offshore work activity.

This data set can help identify discrepancies between planned, reported and actual work. It can provide asset resource-use data. In O&M, for example, we see significant discrepancies between the offshore maintenance requirements of different turbines.

The data can also help to identify discrepancies between teams.

Port Management

Port expansion programs are at the heart of every growing economy. As ports are trying to meet the demand for increased capacity, the competition between ports to be attractive for shipping liners are getting thougher.

Vissim Port Management is a cloud based software tool which helps port operators to plan shipvisits, port resources and report resource usage efficiently to a billing system or the country's national single window.

The module provides effective and streamlined functionality for the planning and controlling of ship visits including: incidents recording, port services and facilities used, berth planning and all related accounting.

The reporting tool includes convenient templates for ships location and movements, port facilities, cargo landing, etc. The templates can be expanded or modified to suit individual requirements.

Vissim Port Management Module can be integrated with the Vissim Vessel Traffic Management Application, establishing complete safe port operations and surveillance of all traffic within the coverage area while, in parallel, ensuring efficiency of port operations.


Even though fusion of radar and AIS to track and identify vessels is the most common method for sea surveillance, visual surveillance is maybe the most valuable.

The Vissim CCTV is a hardware independent camera solution which gives the operator the ability to visually inspect a vessel or the nearby surroundings. As it can be integrated with the Vissim Vessel Traffic Management application, it becomes a valuable and efficient surveillance component in Vissim maritime awareness- and offshore energy solutions.

Vissim CCTV integrates IP- and analog, daylight and thermal cameras including pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ). It supports video streaming and motion JPEG, has centralized recording and synchronized playback with Vissim Vessel Traffic Management and Vissim Radio Communication.

Utilizing position data from the VTMS, it also allows for automatic tracking of- and move to objects. The software is scalable and flexible, supporting multiple users and permission control as well as multiple cameras and multiple views.

System can also be configured to automatically turn selected camera when warning occurs.

Vissim’s concept of mobile VTS allows the camera to be mounted on almost anything. Whereas it is a traditionally stationary sensor site, a vessel or a drone, the camera can be interfaced and video transmitted to the Vissim CCTV module.

Integrated with Vissim applications for vessel traffic management and radio communication, the Vissim CCTV creates an extremely efficient operations environment.

Wave Height Detection

Monitoring of weather and oceanographic conditions is critical to the safe and efficient execution of many offshore and maritime operations.

Vissim's proprietary algorithm for wave height detection is based on our extensive knowledge within radar technology. Utilizing existing radars, it forms a cost effective solution for determining wave heights.

Routine sea state measurement using moored wave buoys can be costly.

These devices are subject to damage and loss and multiples of these devices may be required in order to provide a view of a wider area.

Vissim Wave Height Detection provides real-time sea state information by using effective and highly advanced algorithms analyzing radar video.

It uses multiple virtual wave buoys as measurement points to provide a complete sea state picture.

Vissim has developed a fully automatic solution, which is designed to receive and process data from existing sources quickly.

This eliminates the need for new hardware making our solution financially superior to alternative wave measuring methods.

Vissim Wave Height Detection can also be integrated with weather forecasts.

For operations constrained by weather conditions and wave height, like offshore and maritime logistcs, the Vissim Wave Height Detection module contributes to large savings on operational costs.

Oil Spill Detection

Automatic detection and monitoring of oil spills and illegal discharges is of fundamental importance in ensuring compliance with marine legislation and protection of the environments.

Vissim's proprietary algorithm for oil spill detection is based on our extensive knowledge within radar technology. Utilizing existing radars, it forms a cost effective solution for determining oil spills in sea.

Vissim Oil Spill Detection Module is a fully automated, real time detection software which processes data from raw radar images.

Most of the technology available for detection of oil on water is suffering from false detections.

This means a lot of load is put on the operator. Vissim’s technology includes advanced algorithms for false targets negligance.

The detection capability is further improved when integrated to Vissim Vessel Traffic Management Application.

The module records all data and play back of incidents are initiated on events for oil spill analytics.

Vissim Oil Spill Detection has been in daily use on oil & gas installations and on vessels and is field proven.

The performance has been verified by independant parties by real tests involving oil on water.