BP Azerbaijan awards Vissim contract for development and maintenance of Marine Asset Protection System

Vissim has been awarded a long-term framework contract for the software maintenance, support, and development of BP’s Marine Asset Protection System (MAPS).  MAPS uses Vissim software to provide real time radar and AIS monitoring as well as VHF voice communication and logistics support to all of BP’s offshore operations and assets in Azerbaijan. This includes BP’s supply vessel fleet. MAPS Operations are monitored from an onshore control room in Baku as well from offshore platforms allowing BP operational flexibility as well system redundancy. The contract award builds on the successful delivery of MAPS which Vissim was awarded in 2013.


Vissim is extremely pleased to provide continued support to MAPS , says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim. MAPS highlights the business case for digitization of remote real time data in order to optimize offshore operations and reduce costs to oil and gas operators. By further leveraging the products Vissim is currently developing we believe further operational efficiencies can be realized by BP. We look forward to managing both system support as well as any growth or development needs BP may require during the contract.