Rignet awards Vissim vessel traffic system for Azeri Central East platform in Azerbaijan

Vissim AS has been awarded a contract to deliver its latest generation Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) to RigNet on behalf of BP. The system will be deployed at BP’s Azeri Central East platform in Azerbaijan. The project includes Vissim’s low profile ATEX radar dome allowing the radar sensors to be deployed in an EX Zone 1 area on board the platform.


The system will integrate radar, voice communications, and vessel tracking sensors in order to provide BP with a seamless anti-collision, safety, and communication system. The system will be integrated into BP’s existing Marine Asset Protection System (MAPS) which Vissim has previously delivered to BP. MAPS provides surveillance and communications to all of BP’s offshore operations in Azerbaijan and will be monitored from BP’s remote onshore control room in Baku. Local offshore traffic displays will provide further redundancy for BP’s operators.


– We are pleased that RigNet has chosen to partner with Vissim and leverage our experience and expertise in delivering our systems to BP in Azerbaijan. RigNet’s reputation in oil and gas is impressive and we look forward to delivering ACE with them as well as exploring other possible synergies between Vissim and RigNet. This contract underlines the value of Vissim’s robust software offering as well as the growing demand we have for our ATEX dome products, says Per Arne Henæs, CEO of Vissim.


This contract builds on the recent successes Vissim has had in Azerbaijan including the delivery of a vessel traffic system to Shah Deniz Bravo as well as Vissim’s contract for long-term software support for BP MAPS.