Vissim AS and Royal Dirkzwager team up again on Borselle III & IV

Royal Dirkzwager has begun remote monitoring of the 730 MW Borselle III and IV construction site from their operations centre in Maassluis. Vissim technologies support a centralised multi-tenant monitoring system that enables service companies to provide marine coordination services quickly and efficiently for multiple clients. In addition to dedicated project service marine coordination services projects, applications can include early-stage projects, night-time handover and remote asset monitoring services.

Nicholas Dent, who heads up Vissim’s Offshore Wind practice, remarks that Vissim is delighted to support another Offshore Wind project in the Netherlands. He adds “The recent market focus on the digitalization of offshore operations is exciting. Building on our 15 year history of digitalizing marine operations, Vissim has developed a fantastic suite of digital tools to optimize operational workflows – but we do notice that this market focus has sometimes clouded the importance of rock-solid tracking and communication technologies to underpin operational safety and efficiency.”

Paul Wieland, Director at Royal Dirkswager, explains how Vissim helps his business to deliver safer seas: “We developed our Remote Offshore Asset Management (ROAM) model with Vissim AS, having delivering Vissim marine coordination and communication systems on previous offshore wind projects. Vissim systems scale to support multiple surveillance areas from a centralised control room environment. The combination of Vissim AS for state of the art VTMS technology with Royal Dirkzwager’s cost efficient 24/7 remote asset monitoring services provides integrated energy companies with unrivalled monitoring and collision prevention capabilities.”