Vissim secures new Egyptian contract with the Suez Canal Authority

Vissim has been awarded a contract for an AIS-based system by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA). The turnkey project involves an enablement and training package for local personnel. The canal is approximately 100km long and has between 60 and 90 ships passing through it per day, making it a major traffic hotspot. The system will be operational within six months and is valued at approximately $500,000 excluding add-ons.

– This has been a great win for the company, adding to our existing projects in Egypt and it shows the continued success of our Middle East operations. I believe SCA has chosen the most proven and reliable system for managing such situations, stated Per Arne Henæs (Vissim’s CEO).

The system uses Vissim’s standard proprietary Vessel Traffic Management System technologies for offshore operations and asset protection.